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Thief takes hearing aid from pool locker

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Dante Boileau, left, and his friend Wyatt Munro stand on the viewing area of the Penticton Community Centre pool where they had items stolen on Monday. 


Police are on the lookout for whoever is responsible for stealing a hearing aid and a sentimental piece of jewellery from the Penticton Community Centre Monday evening.

One of the victims was 15-year-old Wyatt Munro, who lost the necklace given to him by his grandfather, who is dying of cancer.

Wyatt was at the pool with two of his friends. All three boys have special needs.

According to Wyatt’s mom, Cyndi, in addition to the backpack that was taken was a pair of hearing aids which belong to Wyatt’s friend, Dante Boileau, 17. The total value of the hearing aids exceeds $5,000.

Cyndi said the boys were swimming but they didn’t have any change for a lock so they left their items in one of the locker. When they came out, the locker had been cleaned out.

“Somebody stole all of their belongings—including a pair of shoes,” said Cyndi.

Cyndi said although the necklace wasn’t expensive, it held sentimental value to her son.

Because the backpack also contained a cell phone, Cyndi sent a text message asking for the items to be returned to her home with no questions asked but hadn’t gotten any response as of Tuesday evening.

Chuck Loewen, general manager of recreation and facilities said it was an unfortunate incident, even more so in that one of the items stolen was a valuable item that’s needed by someone with special needs.

“We are supporting the RCMP fully in their investigation by providing video camera footage and any details of the incident that we have,” said Loewen. “All staff have been alerted of this incident and are assisting in the search for these items in and around the building, in the event that they were dumped. 

Loewen said all incidents of theft are taken seriously and reminded patrons to remember to lock their valuables away.  

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