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The goal is $41,000

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All they want for Christmas at Penticton Regional Hospital is new digital X-ray equipment.
Shannon Carver, head of diagnostic imaging at Penticton Regional Hospital, displays one of the new digital X-ray machines being acquired for PRH. The South Okanagan Similkameen Medical Foundation's annual Tree of Dreams campaign aims to raise the remaining $410,000 from the $1.5-million goal when its Image is Everything campaign was launched in June.

All they want for Christmas at Penticton Regional Hospital is new digital X-ray equipment.
The 8th annual Tree of Dreams campaign by the South Okanagan Similkameen Medical Foundation aims to raise the final $410,000 for new equipment in the hospital's three X-ray rooms and a portable machine for the emergency and intensive care departments.
This will complete the $1.5-million fundraising effort through the Image is Everything campaign launched in June.
Janice Perrino, the foundation's executive-director, said Monday she hopes to see the goal reached by Christmas. Just over a million has been raised to date, which allows for construction to soon get underway on upgrading the first X-ray room.
"They're doing one room and then, once the balance of the money is in - probably the beginning of February - they'll go again," she said.
It's hoped work will be completed by the end of the summer.
Perrino noted the X-ray department will not be affected by the proposed ambulatory care expansion at PRH.
"All of these rooms will stay where they are and be used once the new tower is there," she said. "They'll continue to be used - CT scanner, mammography and all the X-rays."
More than 40,000 patients from throughout the region had X-rays at PRH last year, up four per cent from 2011. Although X-rays are available in several communities served by the hospital, many patients need further treatment and additional X-rays are required.
Perrino said this represents a tremendous equipment upgrade with improved diagnosis benefiting all patients.
Digital radiography is a faster form of X-ray imaging with reduced radiation. Similar to a digital camera, digital sensors are used instead of the traditional cassettes. It provides an immediate image preview and the elimination of costly, time-consuming cassette processing steps.
Perrino lauded the tremendous support the community has shown for the Tree of Dreams campaign in years past.
"The public has always been there for us and we just hope they're there again," she said. "It's what has kept our hospital as good as it is. We have some of the best equipment in the province."
To make a donation, contact the SOS Medical Foundation office at
250-492-9027 or visit their website at Donations can be mailed directly to the foundation at 550 Carmi Ave., Penticton, B.C.,
V2A 3G6.

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