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Sled dogs laid to rest near Penticton

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Over 200 mourners attended a memorial service for the 56 sled dogs slaughtered in the Whistler area in 2010, Friday. The dogs are now laid to rest in the BC-SPCA pet cemetery on White Lake Road, outside of Penticton.


Animal lovers vowed to never forget the Whistler sled dogs and continue in their fight against animal cruelty.
A brief and sombre ceremony attracted over 200 animal lovers, many who brought their own dogs, at the BC-SPCA pet cemetery on the outskirts of Penticton, Friday afternoon.
A gravestone reading, "In loving memory of the Whistler sled dogs" is now a permanent memorial for the 56 sled dogs belonging to Whistler-based Howling Dog Tours which were slaughtered in April 2010.
Mourners individually placed 56 stones on the marker remembering each of the dogs.
Marylee Davies, president of the BC-SPCA, vowed that in respect of the dogs volunteers will continue to fight against all forms of animal cruelty and neglect.
Craig Daniell, chief executive officer of BC-SPCA, said Penticton was chosen as the final resting place as it's only one of three pet cemeteries owned by the BC-SPCA.
"Even though this tragedy occurred in the Whistler area, these dogs belong to the province," he said in an interview.
"The dogs came from all over B.C. and it was important for us to have them laid to rest in a forestry-type setting in a place where other people's dogs and cats, who also touched the lives of their owners, are buried."

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