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Grateful to Be An Angel

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Danielle Lazard of Oliver and her daughter Esperanza are grateful to be receiving a hamper from the Be An Angel campaign.


Special to the Herald

Danielle Lazard is extremely grateful to be receiving a Christmas hamper this year thanks to donations from the Penticton Herald’s Be an Angel campaign and the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club in Oliver.
 “Receiving a hamper will help me to feel worthy as a parent,” said Lazard. “Even though it isn’t coming from me, I will be able to provide my daughter with a good Christmas which is something I would not be able to do without help.”
Danielle and her daughter Esperanza, 4, have been members of the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs in Oliver for the past year and have been finding it hard to make ends meet, especially during the holidays.
“I am a single parent and currently on income assistance,” said Lazard. “I am not receiving child tax yet, though the Boys and Girls Club has just helped me to apply. I was working earlier this year, but not at the moment. It is hard to make ends meet, especially at this time of year.”  
It has been a difficult year for the single mother, who is trying to support herself and her daughter on her own. She says it has been the kindness and support from the community of Oliver which has helped her get through it.
“Last year at this time, I had lost my home, job and car and had to move into a motel with my daughter. I was depressed. But I still got a tree and we decorated it and I tried to make it a good Christmas for my daughter. Some kind people in my community helped me at that time. I told myself, I need to make things better for my daughter.”
So Danielle got connected with the Boys and Girls Club and she said it has really helped her start to turn things around.
“The Boys and Girls Club has been a really good support for me and my daughter. They have helped me to get connected with resources in my community that I did not know were there. I tell my friends that the club is a great support for families. This year, things are much better, and the Oliver Boys and Girls Club and my community have helped me to get here.”
Lazard says her daughter loves anything “girly” like Tinkerbell and Barbies, tea parties, colouring and playing outside. Danielle was able to enroll her daughter in ballet this year thanks to support from the Oliver Parks and Recreation.
“She is in ballet and loves it. I wouldn’t be able to put her in ballet without that support.”
 Danielle says she is extremely grateful for all the support she has received and is looking forward to Christmas thanks to the kindness of others.
“I just really appreciate getting a hamper, it is so touching…its going to help me provide for my daughter which is the most important thing, and helps me to feel good as a parent.”
The 5th Annual Be An Angel campaign raises money for needy families with the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club and Valley First's Feed the Valley campaign. The campaign received its largest donation of the 2012 campaign, Tuesday, with a $2,000 contribution from Peter Bros. Construction.

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