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Downtown draws rave reviews

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Downtown Penticton was praised publicly at a city council meeting in Prince Albert, Sask.


Penticton's downtown is receiving praise from an unlikely place - the  city council chambers in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
At the most recent council meeting in Prince Albert, Coun. Rick Orr said that Penticton "gets it" in reference to revitalization.
"Penticton don't drop the ball, it is well worth the effort and your legacy that will be there for future generations to reap the rewards," Orr said in an interview with The Herald, Monday.
Orr said his interest in downtown revitalization began after participating in a webinar.
"I decided I needed to find a comparable (city) and I began researching communities. When I Googled, Penticton was one of the top hits. As soon as I found it and started checking it out, I was amazed to see that the push only started in 2011 and that (Penticton) council was on board with support and money in 2012. I was also impressed to see that the community wants the project completed in a few years."
Orr was critical of his city's own downtown noting that although it's a high employment area, there's higher taxes and paid parking in the downtown.
Orr's comments to his council resulted in a lengthy article about Penticton's Downtown in the Prince Albert Herald (daily, but not affiliated with the Penticton Herald) on Jan. 16.
To view the article published in The Prince Albert Herald:

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