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Ailles guilty for attack on grandfather

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In the end, the judge just didn't buy Greg Ailles' story.
The 38-year-old man was found guilty in B.C. Supreme Court on Wednesday on six of eight charges he faced in connection with a vicious attack on his grandfather in his Penticton home during the early morning hours of Dec. 29, 2008.
Justice Alison Beames rejected the accused's version of what happened when he became embroiled in a violent confrontation with his grandfather, Grant (Sandy) Ailles in his grandparents' home on Balfour Street.
The elderly, but not frail man at the time, suffered extensive injuries in the altercation. He is now blind and confined to a wheelchair.
Greg Ailles had claimed during the five-day trial that he responded in self-defence to an unprovoked attack, after his grandfather struck him in the head with a metal pipe.
Beames said while Sandy Ailles has "no reliable memory" of the attack, she described a statement the suspect's grandmother, Lois (Dianne) Ailles gave to police about an hour after the incident as "compelling."
"She gave the statement clearly and cogently. She had no reason to make up a story," the judge said.
Dianne Ailles said she was asleep in a chair upstairs when she heard sounds of the altercation at about 2 a.m. She went downstairs to discover Greg holding a metal bar and telling his grandfather he was a "dead man."
She said her husband was lying on the floor, with Greg standing over him "and pounding on him whenever he asked why this was happening."
The grandmother said Greg struck his grandfather "multiple, multiple" times in the head, chest and legs. He later tied them both up with electrical cord, but released her so she could go upstairs to get the keys to her car which he drove away.
The vehicle was recovered the next day in Lake Country with three shotguns in the trunk. Greg Ailles was later arrested in Vancouver.
His grandfather, now 80, suffered extensive injuries to his eyes and orbital bone, along with nine broken ribs and a damaged knee. He spent 30 days in Vancouver General Hospital, including 10 days in intensive care, plus another 15 days in the rehabilitation unit at Penticton Regional Hospital.
Beames said Dianne Ailles' version of the attack reflected the injuries on her husband's body.
The judge said there was no physical evidence to back Greg Ailles' account of the incident, in which he claimed his grandfather also struck him in the head with a stool during the melee. Photos taken of the accused in Vancouver showed no significant head or facial injuries.
Beames found Greg Ailles guilty of aggravated assault against his grandfather, assault against his grandmother, unlawful confinement of both grandparents, theft of their car, and possessing a firearm contrary to a court order.
He was found not guilty of robbery involving a quantity of cash from his grandfather's wallet. A charge of assault with a weapon was stayed.
The accused showed no emotion to the verdict, although he quietly listened with his eyes closed during most of the judge's decision.
He was remanded for a 45-day psychiatric assessment, prior to sentencing.

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