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Dont Miss

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If you're not subscribing to the Penticton Herald, you're missing these great columnists:
James Miller - In addition to locally-themed editorials, The Herald's managing editor writes a weekly entertainment and sports column.

Sascha Heist - His 'He's Got Game' column on video games and electronics runs exclusively in The Herald on Fridays. It's a must-read with young people.

Harvie Barker - The Penticton writer and published author of several "Good Word in Season" books shares his inspirational messages with our readers, every second week.

Jim Hill - A retired minister, his spiritual column appears on our church page every Friday.

Walter Huebert - A retired teacher and active volunteer in the community, he shares his vast knowledge of Canadian history with our readers.

Ken Tapping - He's an astronomer with the National Research Council's Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory at White Lake, near Penticton His "Star Gazing" column runs Fridays.

David Crompton - a staff writer whose experience and knowledge of the Penticton Vees has some thinking he dates back to the days of the 1955 World Championship, Crompton has the inside scoop on all the sporting events in the South Okanagan, including high school and recreational sports.

Scott Austin - a Penticton authority on all things that grow, Austin leads our Home and Garden section every week.

Susan McIver - writes a bi-weekly column about agri-business in the South Okanagan, the region’s founding industry.

Steve MacNaull - no one does business coverage better than MacNaull, another long-time resident of the Okanagan and our weekend business writer. He's plugged in and influential - businesses want to see their names mentioned in MacNaull' column.

Paul Willcocks - Our man in Victoria. Willcocks covers the B.C. Legislature for The Penticton Herald. He's connected and often controversial.

Chantal Hebert - a national authority on federal politics, Hebert provides Okanagan residents with an impartial view of Ottawa and its happenings.

Dr. Paul Donohue - a physician who helps his readers understand more about medical conditions.

Annie’s Mailbox - Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, longtime editors of the Ann Landers column run their syndicated advice column daily.

And many more....
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