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Circulation Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your Circulation Department phone number and your phone hours of operation?

The phone number to reach our Circulation Department agents is (250) 493-6737. Our Circulation Department phone hours of operation are 6:30 am to 12 noon seven days a week. Our office is located at 186 Nanaimo Avenue W, Penticton, BC and is open to walk in traffic from 9 am to 4 pm Monday thru Friday and is closed on Saturday and Sunday.We do have voicemail systems in place if you wish to leave a message after hours or use forms available on our website under the Customer Care menu on the left of our home page. Callers in BC can reach us toll free by calling 1-800-665-1446.

What newspapers will I receive?
The Penticton Herald is delivered Monday thru Friday. The Okanagan Saturday and Okanagan Sunday are the weekend editions.

What time should I expect my paper to be delivered?
Most areas can expect delivery by 7 a.m. each publishing day.

What if I do not receive my paper or if it is incomplete or damaged?
To report a problem regarding your newspaper, call our Circulation Department at (250) 493-6737 or use the Delivery Concern form under the Services/Circulation Menu on our website. Reported missed/damaged delivery calls received by 9 am each weekday and 12 noon on weekends are eligible for newspaper redelivery in many areas of Penticton. Customers outside of the Penticton proper areas may not be able to receive a paper the same day, but may receive the missed/damaged issue the following day, or be given a credit on their account.

When can I expect my first paper to be delivered as a new subscriber?
New orders placed by phone will be started within 24 to 48 hours in most instances. Orders that are received via web form or solicitor will be started within 72 hours in most cases. If you have not received your paper within these time frames and have not received a call from our office to verity your order, please call our Circulation Department directly at (250) 493-6737 so that our agents can investigate and resolve the problem.

What if home delivery is not available in my area?
Home delivery is available in most areas in Penticton, as well as in Summerland, Osoyoos, Cawston, Kaleden, Keremeos, Okanagan Falls, and Oliver. There is limited delivery in our outlying or rural areas. If you are unsure if you are in our home delivery area, you may call our Circulation Department directly at (250) 493-6737. If your area is not deliverable, mail subscriptions are available.

How do I start a mail subscription?
To start a mail subscription to the Penticton Herald, call our Circulation Department directly at (250) 493-6737. Our agents can explain our rates, available frequencies, expected service, and answer any other questions about our mail subscriptions you may have. If you opt for a mail subscription, the agent can take your information and payment, or you may send your payment and request for service by mail to:

    The Okanagan Valley Newspaper Group
    DBA: The Penticton Herald Newspaper
    550 Doyle Avenue
    Kelowna, BC V1Y 7V1

    Note: All mail outs must be paid before issue(s) are sent. Accounts will not be started and issues will not be sent until payment is received.


When can I expect my first mail delivered newspaper?
Once the request for service has been processed, your first paper will be mailed on the next publishing day, depending on your delivery frequency chosen. Please note that papers are mailed out each weekday and subscriptions that include the Saturday and/or Sunday issue will be mailed on Monday.

What is your HST/GST number? Are any other taxes applicable?
Our HST/GST number is 87311 8871HST is included in all of our posted/quoted rates, including mail subscriptions where applicable. The tax rate charged is based on the destination province. Provinces that are not subject to any HST will have just the 5% GST included. Mail subscriptions mailed outside of Canada are not subject to any taxes. See Rates link under the Subscribe option for rates/terms for your province. There is a separate rate sheet for US and Foreign subscriptions.

How do I temporarily stop my delivery?
You can suspend your service two ways: online using our Suspend Delivery Form under the Customer Care Menu on our website or by calling our Circulation Department at (250) 493-6737. To have your newspaper stopped for the next day, you must call before our deadline of 12 noon. Regular vacation stop requests will put a hold on your account and thus credit you for each day your subscription account is not active. In essence, it pushes your expiry date forward each day you are away.
While you're gone, you may also choose to have your papers donated to our Hospital Donate program. With this option, your paper is donated to the patients at the Penticton Regional Hospital. As another option, you may also choose to take advantage of a VAC PAC – by choosing this option, your papers are held by your carrier/driver for each day you are away and then delivered to you all at once when you return. Simply inform agent which option you would prefer!

How do I change the address on my subscription?
Call our Circulation Department at (250) 493-6737 or use the Address Change form under the Customer Care Menu on our website. If your new address is within our home delivery area, your subscription will simply transfer on the date you request. You will be called if this is not possible.

How can I get a previous issue of The Daily Courier or Okanagan Saturday/Sunday?
Our offices maintain an archive of past issues in most instances. They are available for purchase at the cover price if available. We recommend calling ahead to ensure we have the issue available – (250) 493-6737. If you are not able to come in to our office for pick up, you may have a back issue mailed to you. The fee for this service is a minimum of $5.00 a copy. The newspaper(s) will need to be weighed and the postage fee is added to the cover price to determine the cost to you. Call the Circulation Department at (250) 493-6737 to make the request and submit payment. All mail outs require prepayment before mailing. Many of The Okanagan Regional Libraries have copies of back issues on microfiche in many instances as well. Contact the library in your area to enquire about availability.

How do I start a gift subscription for another person?
To order a gift subscription, please call the Circulation Department at (250) 493-6737 to request this service.

How do the invoicing terms work?
Subscriptions are on a pay in advance basis – we do not offer carrier collections any longer as a security measure. Your first invoice should arrive within the first few days of the start of your service, and payment is due upon receipt. We give a 14 day grace period to allow for mailing time before your subscription service will automatically stop. Your invoicing term will start the date you begin receiving service and your expiry will based on the length of term you select for payment. Credits for missed delivery or vacation stops will extend the expiration date on your account by the number of days you received credit for. Payments are due on the expiration date noted on your invoice for the next subscription term. When you start delivery for the first time, the notice will not have any expiry date noted as payment not yet received – when you receive future renewal notices, the expiry date will be noted based on your paid term. Please call our office directly at (250) 493-6737 if you have any questions or concerns with your invoice.

Please note that subscriptions do not stop automatically on expiry – call us to let us know if you wish to cancel your subscription as papers delivered during the 14 days grace period after expiry will be billed for.

What are my payment options?
You may choose to pay your subscription in 3, 6, or 12 month terms or by automatic monthly renewal by bank or credit card (EASYPAY) – please see below for how this works. You may also pay by mail with your remittance stub but please keep in mind that we must receive and post your payment before the end of the 14 day grace period. You may also make a credit card payment by phone to Circulation Department at (250) 493-6737. We accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. We also offer the availability to pay online via our website – choose the Subscribe option under Customer Care Menu and complete the form as a Renewal. You will be directed to a secure online site in which to process your credit card payment.

I have received more than one invoice recently. Why?
Your invoice and remittance may have simply crossed in the mail if payment has recently been made. If so, you may disregard the invoice. Alternatively, your account may be now expired and you are now in to your unpaid grace period. If you are unsure of the status on your account, please call the Circulation Department at (250) 493-6737 and we will be happy to go over your account with you. Failure to keep your account current will result in termination of service so it is best to review the details with our agents to avoid any disruption in service.

Can I have my payments automatically deducted without receiving an invoice?
Yes. Our EASYPAY (our automatic monthly renewal program) allows you to pay automatically via your credit or bank account on a monthly recurring basis. To set up your subscription on the EASYPAY program, please follow the instructions on the back of your renewal notice or call our Circulation Department at (250) 493-6737 for further information. Please note that using your bank account will require you to send us a cheque marked VOID or a bank form that is designed for this purpose that authorizes these charges. For credit card EASYPAY, please complete the information on the back of the notice - be sure to sign it for authorization – and forward it to our head office for processing.

    The Okanagan Valley Newspaper Group
    DBA: The Penticton Herald Newspaper
    550 Doyle Avenue
    Kelowna, BC V1Y 7V1

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