Is there gold lying dormant in your database? Sometimes we mistakenly consider former clients to be dead-end opportunities, assuming that they are angry or dissatisfied in some way and are happily doing business elsewhere. The longer we wait to make contact again, the harder it is for us to …

Foreign fieldhands could be in short supply across Okanagan farms this summer, but not because of the COVID-19 deaths of two Mexican agricultural workers in Ontario.


A former City of Penticton councillor and newspaper manager is expanding his business portfolio by adding a new moving truck rental and storage facility to go along with his successful printing business.

Owners of restaurants, pubs, and bars in B.C. will get a break on alcohol costs this summer, but the savings may not be passed onto customers.

VERNON — Realtor Mark Lester specializes in selling unique properties.

The LocalMotive Low-Waste Market in the Apple Plaza at 1848 Main Street in Penticton opened its doors to enthusiastic customers on Friday. “It was gang busters,” is how owner Thomas Tumbach, shown above with his daughter, Rosemary, described the store’s opening day. Tumbach’s vision is to op…

QUESTION: My strata council has recently imposed a number of fines against my townhouse for claims that I altered the front doors of my unit contrary to the bylaws. Luckily, we have the realtor listing photo showing the front doors and this was the condition and exact hardware and screen doo…


They were lined up early and often as barber shops and hair salons reopened in downtown Penticton for the first time in just over two months, Tuesday.


Today is the first day that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in B.C. and we are now allowed to get a haircut. Shortly before 9 a.m., there was already a socially-distance line-up outside the Legion Barber Shop at 539 Main Street.

Community Futures Okanagan-Similkameen is very proud to be a part of the Federal Government’s economic response, with the Community Futures Emergency Loan Program announced by our Prime Minister recently. We would like our business community to know that while we have not yet received the Re…

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David Prystay, general manager of the Penticton Lakeside Resort and Convention Centre, spoke candidly with The Herald on March 21 about the COVID-19 crisis and its devastating effects on the hospitality industry.

The COVID-19 infection rate isn’t the only curve that’s likely to be flattened. The potential economic recovery curve also looks like it will follow a low trajectory.

Think of the major bends in the road you have had to negotiate in life: getting into college, meeting that special someone, finding a new job.


Millionaires’ Row Cider Co. at 14113 Dale Meadows Road in Summerland opened its doors May 1.

Okanagan orchardists say federal measures announced Tuesday to help Canada's agriculture sector don’t provide them with any financial assistance.

Recent news shows federal and provincial leaders pondering policy changes for reopening previously restricted non-essential businesses. Meanwhile, the populace is getting antsy to get out and about again, for fresh air and for safely distanced social contact.


Once The Barking Parrot reopens, regulars might not recognize it. Here, artist Jean Paul langlois paints the south wall as the pub is undergoing significant renovations — including new murals in the seating area and washrooms — while the doors are closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhi…

The other day, as I was preparing to head out to the KVR trail for a stress-relieving hike, I saw a neighbour fiddling with something under the hood of her car.


It’s a statement that has become a rallying cry for a class of Okanagan College practical nursing students who are only weeks away from completing their studies and joining their teachers on the front line: “The community needs us.”

QUESTION: Our strata corporation is 118 units in the Fraser Valley. In 2010, we adopted a new bylaw package that was drafted and reviewed by our lawyer that included a bylaw that permitted “annual or special general meetings to be conducted by electronic methods.”

The easing of COVID-19 restrictions might be undertaken in different ways across B.C. depending on transmission rates of the coronavirus, provincial officials say.

Snowpack levels differ considerably on either side of Okanagan Lake and there’s an elevated risk of spring flooding, provincial officials say.

I’ve always been a shake hands and give ‘em a hug kind of businessperson. I even sign most of my business mail with a Cyberhug. Who knew that one day, a cyberhug would be the only acceptable version allowed?