He's Got Game

Phil Carson, owner of Replay Games at 540 Main Street in downtown Penticton is one of the last independent stores for gamers.

With giant companies like EB Games and Walmart in most cities, there is a need to highlight a locally-owned and operated alternative.

Replay Games is located at 540 Main Street downtown Penticton. With a large selection of mostly older console games, they do have a fair amount of titles for our current generation.

With the passion and knowledge of a video game collector, Replay Games is here for your needs. The store is well laid-out, with different sections for the different consoles. With reasonable prices and hidden deals, there is something for everyone. With more than 8,000 titles on many different generations of systems, you should be able to find something to add to your gaming collection.

If you're looking for a certain title, they can even check distributors and bring the game in for you.

One of the biggest draws is the ability to rent any of the unsealed games. With the loss of Blockbuster and Rogers Video, finding a place to actually try out games is something sadly missing in this day and age.

Replay Games even has a 42-inch television to try out different games and consoles in store before you bring them home. If you've ever attempted to trade in your old games and consoles, you know how painful and simply insulting the process can be. At Replay Games, gamers can bring in their old games, consoles and even accessories and get in-store credit to use on something else.

The store even does repairs on consoles so you don't have to wait months and be without the console that you love. With monthly specials like "buy one and get 50% off" all PS1, PS2 and Xbox games, there's always a reason to revisit the store.

Check the store out downtown and support a local business.

(Disclosure: There was no money provided to either Sascha Heist or this newspaper for today’s column.)

Sascha Heist is a Penticton gamer. This is a regular feature in Okanagan Weekend.

Feel free to contact Sascha at sggall@telus.net with gaming questions and more.

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