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Millionaires’ Row Cider Co. on Dale Meadows Road in Summerland welcomed its first customers on May 1. Owned by the Annable family — Brett and Janet and Nelson right above — the cidery commemorates the wealthy businessmen whom Lord Thomas Shaughnessy, as president of the Summerland Development Company, convinced to buy orchards in the Prairie Valley area. Family friend Pat Fortune dressed in top hat and tuxedo a.k.a. Lord Shaughnessy, above, added a festive touch to opening day.

Millionaires’ Row Cider Co. at 14113 Dale Meadows Road in Summerland opened its doors May 1.

On hand to greet customers were owners Brett and Janet Annable and their son Nelson who explained the origin of the cidery’s name.

In the early 1900s, some of Canada’s wealthiest businessmen bought orchards in Prairie Valley — Dale Meadows Road runs through the eastern part of the valley. Their business dealings were transacted through the Summerland Development Company and its renowned president Lord Thomas Shaughnessy. This is how the Prairie Valley area of Summerland became known as “Millionaires’ Row.”

Family friend, Pat Fortune dressed in a top hat and tuxedo — a.k.a. Lord Shaughnessy — added a festive touch to opening day.

The Annable family sold their farm in Alberta and purchased Jim Hermiston’s apple orchard in the fall of 2016.

A century earlier, Hermiston’s grandfather began orcharding after trading two quarter sections of land in northern Alberta for 10 sight-unseen acres in Summerland.

Following two years of discussing how to increase the return on apples, the family decided on cider, an enterprise that combines Brett’s farming knowledge, Janet’s background in finance and Nelson’s skills in marketing.

Janet is now in charge of making the cider.

Four blends mark highlights in Summerland’s history.

High n’ Dry is reminiscent of the dry and higher elevation lands of Prairie Valley before development, Hop On Board of the time when the Millionaires’ Row investors were leaders of the Canadian Pacific Railroad and Makin’ A Mint when the investors were prominent in Canadian banks.

“A sip of Modern Miracle takes us back to the time the Millionaires’ Row men envisioned Summerland fruit being famous beyond the Okanagan,” Nelson said.

Cider is sold singly in 500 ml bottles or in a svelte black briefcase of four.

In addition to cider, Millionaires’ Row offers customers a selection of merchandise — a ball cap, a bucket hat, toque, T-shirt and a hoodie.

As a special Mother’s Day promotion, starting immediately, the price of T-shirts is reduced to $9.95 with the purchase of a four-pack briefcase.

Millionaires’ Row is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily for pickup and makes deliveries (including to Penticton) every Tuesday. For information email:, phone 778-381-6015 or visit: