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In Thursday's Herald (print and online): Complete coverage of Tuesday night's marathon meeting at Penticton City Hall (4 hrs., 32 min.) plus coverage of the Summerland ALR public hearing

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Overall, as a nation are Canadians great environmentalists?


  • Vees negotiations with City slowing down
    Yes, very evident and see the same thing happening once again. What's next? More...
    By lockham
  • Jim Flaherty worked for Canada's future
    Corrinne you are totally missing the point. Most of us would have no objection to a few news articles or news spots. But a full blown state funeral cost millions and is usually reserved for either hea... More...
    By Mikeh
  • Perrino should resign
    Andy Thomsen back in 2005 you made comments and beliefs that contradict some of your comments today. " We also need affordable, low cost housing for families who live and work here" Does Summerland no... More...
    By Common Sense
  • Some Summerland residents are selfish
    Seems like a pretty simple solution to all this madness. The only thing that is happening is they are changing the zoning. Those that currently own the land can STILL farm if they so choose (and most ... More...
    By Common Sense
  • Some Summerland residents are selfish
    No one owns a crystal ball and NONE of us can see the future, this is all about smart planning for the next 50 years. Have you not read anything? They are working on other projects for Summerland to b... More...
    By Common Sense
  • Some Summerland residents are selfish
    Your circle of friends must be very limited, most of the people I know that were on the fence, now have come to a conclusion that this is a smart plan for Summerland, everyone knows this needs to hap... More...
    By Common Sense
  • Change name of Martin St.
    What ever happened to" if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" There is mothing wrong with the name Martin Street. Ask yourself, "Does physical change mean name change? The street is still the same except f... More...
    By Crashcrippleton
  • Locket loss adds to grief
    I HOPE you are able to recover your special locket. Have you called Radio stations and RCMP to see if the locket has been turned. Prayers are with you that you get it back. More...
    By BarbCC
  • Some Summerland residents are selfish
    There is no guarantee that any houses built on ag land will be affordable unless the District puts controls on the properties - unlikely. Affordable housing is not just a Summerland problem and there ... More...
    By marigold
  • Summerland ALR: Conflict of interest here
    oh, that's right -- don't forget, we have been told how the Library being on Main Street will cause an economic boom for Main Street. that is really going to help our town. How much is that going to c... More...
    By Okanagan Gal